POPI Act Compliance Toolkit


POPI Act Toolkit | A complete set of documents, assembled and ready to use, to guide you from the initial project setup through every step in the project until you are ready for your POPI compliance audit. Use voucher code “POPIA10” at checkout.


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POPI Act Compliance Toolkit

The EasyPOPI DIY toolkit has been designed for small to medium sized businesses and people with no prior experience in the POPI Act. It includes a roadmap for guidance, and we have also removed unnecessary legal jargon that adds no value to the action items of the project. The documents are pre-written and you can edit and adapt them as much as you need to. It also contains placeholders to insert your specific information and offers a Free POPI Act GAP Analysis.

Included are the following documents:

  • Company Assurance Certificate
  • Instructions on how to get you started
  • Key definitions to study
  • Information Officer Appointment form
  • Training the Processors
  • Data Subject Engagement
  • Strategic Risk Mitigation
  • Data mapping
  • Employee Contract Annexure
  • Privacy Policy
  • Processing by Processors
  • Data Protection Policy
  • Incident Management
  • Personal Information Request
  • Consents
  • Access Management Registration Control
  • PAIA Manual Guidance Note
  • PAIA Manual Template
  • PAIA Annexures 1 and 2
  • POPIA gap analysis
  • Data mapping tool
  • Operator Agreement
  • Guidance note – Information Officer
  • Guidance note – Information Officer duties
  • Information Officer registration form
  • Links to tutorial videos