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Uber responding to β€œcybersecurity incident” following reports of significant via @csoonline #Uber #CyberSecurity #DataBreach

The new Promotion of Access to Information Act (PAIA) forms are summarised below. Familiarising yourself with these forms will assist the Regulator in resolving any PAIA related enquiries in a more timely manner. Access the forms here:


The 12 biggest data breach fines, penalties, and settlements so far via @csoonline @InforegulatorSA #PoPIA #PoPIAct

How to manage data privacy concerns when moving to the cloud

Legal explainer: Did Karyn Maughan have the right to publish Jacob Zuma’s medical records? via @jacarandafm #PoPIA #PoPIAct

#PoPIA in terms of "Consent"...any form of electronic communication, including automatic calling machines, facsimile machines, SMSs or e-mail is prohibited unless written consent to the processing is given by the data subject. #PoPIAct @InforegulatorSA

In accordance with Section 55(2) of POPIA, the Information Officers (IOs) and Deputy Information Officers (DIOs) are obliged to register with the Regulator prior to commencing their responsibilities. Registrations can now be done online. Register hereπŸ‘‡

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InfoReg accuses SAPS of PoPIA non-compliance @ITWeb

Protecting an organisation’s most valuable asset: why a solid data management and protection strategy is non-negotiable @ITWeb

Protecting personal information: Consent is not the be-all and end-all via @fin24

Cybercrime on the rise in SA: How to protect your business, customers and employees | @BizPartnersLtd #bizpressoffice via @za_entrepreneur

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