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POPI Act Compliance Plan

The POPI Act Compliance Plan & Implementation Guide

Do you collect, store or archive any personal or corporate information about any South African individual or business in any format? If so, the Information Regulator holds you accountable & liable for the security & integrity of that information.

Many individuals & organisations believe they are exempt from POPI Act Compliance due to the size and nature of their business, data collection & storage methods. No Organisation or Individual is exempt.

It is the responsibility of every individual of that organisation to understand compliance in terms of the Protection of Personal Information Act; and be involved in the POPI Act Plan for it to be successful.

Data Subject – Organisation or Individual the information is attached to

“Personal information – Identifiable, Personal & Confidential data of a Data Subject

POPI Act Plan Questions

If any of these checkpoints are not policy & procedure driven by you or your company, POPIA suggests you are liable & accountable for the penalties associated.

POPI Act Compliance Checklist

POPI Act Compliance Guide:

Protection of Personal Information Act > PoPI Act > PoPIA > Complete Regulations Manual & Compliance Requirements Guide